It is appropriate for me to put photos on my blog when …

Miss W. from the Student Blogging Challenge has asked us to write this post.

I think it is ok  to have a photo of you on your blog  when you have done something cool or if you win something but not put a photos of you being silly because you should always be proud of what you put on your blog.  I am going to use a photo of myself for my comments of me and my pet possum because it is a cool photo.  It is ok to have no photos of you on your blog if you don’t want to.

3 thoughts on “It is appropriate for me to put photos on my blog when …

  1. Hi Tristan

    Great response to whether or not to have a photo of yourself on your blog. You are right about using an appropriate photo of yourself and one that you are proud of because anyone can view your photo on your blog.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your photo with your possum when you write me a comment!

    Miss Y 🙂

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